Welcome Address By Head of Department

Welcome to the Department of Physics. The department has evoked excellence in teaching and research, with its influence much relevant to the immediate community. Our Academic and Laboratory Staff work in synergy to ensure a right balance between taught courses and laboratory demonstrations, for enhanced comprehensiveness. The departmental innovative courses and university entrepreneurial skills acquisition programs are very helpful to our students as they have the tendency to make them job providers.

The department has remarkable progress in research activities, leading to formation of research clusters which includes Nuclear Physics, Radiation Biophysics, Medical Physics, Atmospheric Physics, Theoretical Physics, Material Science, and Renewable Energy. Our staff and Post Graduate students use, in addition to our laboratory equipment, the University Central Laboratory, where our high Tech Equipment are situated. With its available facilities and resources, the department is poised for a leadership position in physics research and education in Nigeria. Seminar and Workshops are regularly observed in the department for knowledge sharing and capacity building.

The department has very experienced Level Advisers at every level of study for undergraduate program, who help out students in difficult situations, counsel them on personal problems, as well as guide them toward better academic performance. Students should feel free to meet their advisers as soon as any matter of interest arises. On issues related to examination and other university regulations, the departmental students’ hand book should serve as an important source of information and guide to all students.

It is my sincere hope that, as you are enrolled as an undergraduate or postgraduate student, you should make use of our rich human and laboratory resources to the fullest, so that we count you as one of the crops of our best products.

Best wishes,


Dr. Ahmed Rufai Usman

Head of the Department